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Product ID: M1S-OHV Complete Engine

  • OHV Complete Engine - Complete engine for Chang Jiang 750 M1S - OHV.

    This is a complete kit of all new parts for building the OHV engine. Comes with 12V generator and startmotor. The total weight is 70 kgs. The gearbox shown on the picture is not included.

    Comes with complete technical instructions for this type of OHV engine assembly.

    The kit includes oil seals, gaskets, bearings, special nuts and bolts.

    The weight is high and pick-up by yourself is likely the most cost-effective option.

    Please note: This OHV engine can be used to replace the M1M/SV 12V/24 HP engine version without any further changes. The OHV engine produces 32 HP and runs a lot cooler than the SV versions.

Prijs/stuk: 1.737,56
(1.436,00 excl. BTW)


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